EDUROBOTICS 2018 | Conference program

Conference program

October 11, 2018

Note for participants: during morning and afternoon break and during lunch break complimentary food and beverage are served.
Moreover, a one-day free ticket is provided for participants willing to attend the “Maker Faire Rome 2018”.

8:30 Registration
8:45 Welcome
9:00 Special invited speaker
First session
Sandra Schön,
Martin Ebner and
Maria Grandl
Designing a Makerspace for Children – Let’s Do It
Hagen Lehmann and
Pier Giuseppe Rossi
Enactive Robot Assisted Didactics (ERAD):
The Role of the Maker Movement
Eguchi Amy and
Hiroyuki Okada
Imagine the Future with Social Robots ­
World Robot Summit’s Approach:
Preliminary Investigation
Poster teaser
Raphaela Neophytou and
Nikleia Eteokleous
Exploring Teachers’ Profile for Effective Integration of
Robotics into the Educational Process as
Cognitive-Learning Tool
Sandra Schön,
Margarethe Rosenova,
Martin Ebner and
Maria Grandl
How to support girls’ participation at projects
in makerspace settings.
Overview on current recommendations
Hanna Nygren,
Juhani Rautopuro and
Kati Mäkitalo
Skills behind the Robotics –
How to Re-Educate Workers for the Future
James Stovold and
Stewart Powell
Teaching Object-Oriented Programming in
Secondary Schools using Swarm Robotics
Ana Sovic Krzic,
Liljana Puskar and
Tomislav Jagušt
Promoting creative thinking and problem solving
through robotic summer camp
Amr Ahmed,
Hazem Mohamed and
Nader Mansour
A low cost Implementation of Stewart Platform
type parallel manipulator
Reinhard Gerndt and
Jens Lüssem
From Concept Inventories to Robotic Competitions
Irene Kipnis and
Eli Kolberg
Humanoid Biped Robot as a Tool for
Technology Education
Sarit Saltzmann and
Eli Kolberg
Dance Robots as a Tool for development of
Design and Creativity Skills
Domenico Guastella and
Antonella D’Amico
Teaching Physics concepts using
Educational Robotics
11:00 Coffee break
Second session
Rico Mockel,
Lucas Dahl and
Seethu Mariyam Christopher
Interdisciplinary Teaching with the Versatile
Low-Cost Modular Robotic Platform EDMO
Elisa Tosello,
Nicola Castaman,
Stefano Michieletto and
Emanuele Menegatti
Teaching robot programming for Industry 4.0
Paul Baxter,
Francesco Del Duchetto and
Marc Hanheide
Engaging Learners in Dialogue Interactivity
Development for Mobile Robots
David Cuartielles,
Nerea Iriepa,
Carlos Rodriguez,
Ernesto Lopez and
Jose Garcia
Educational Robots with Arduino:
Annotated Prototypes
13:00 Lunch
Third session
Nikleia Eteokleous,
Efi Nisiforou and
Christos Christodoulou
Creativity Thinking Skills Promoted through
Educational Robotics
Calkin Suero Montero,
Christian Voigt and
Kati Mäkitalo
From Digital Fabrication to Meaningful Creations:
Pedagogical Perspectives
Rene Alimisi,
Dimitrios Loukatos,
Emmanouil Zoulias and
Dimitris Alimisis
Introducing the making culture in teacher education:
the eCraft2Learn project
Francesca Agatolio,
Calkin Suero Montero,
Michele Moro,
Emanuele Menegatti and
Andrea Cavazzini
Badges Are Back! – Fostering Self-Assessment during
Personalised Learning in Making and Digital Fabrication
16:00 Coffee break
16:30 Fourth session
Christian Giang,
Morgane Chevalier,
Lucio Negrini,
Ran Peleg,
Evgeniia Bonnet,
Alberto Piatti and
Francesco Mondada
Exploring Escape Games as a Teaching Tool
in Educational Robotics
Julian M. Angel-Fernandez,
Hannah Hieber,
Georg Jaeggle and
Markus Vincze
Including Critical Thinking and Creativity
in Educational Robotics Activities
Mike Doyle Trans-constructionist prototyping with a rare vintage
Dimitrios Loukatos,
Ken Kahn and
Dimitris Alimisis
Flexible Techniques for Fast Developing and
Remotely Controlling DIY Robots, with AI flavor
18:00 Conclusions and future plans

20.00 Dinner